Italian cheese

Wine & Cheese
Wine courses

  • accessible

  • Duration 7.0

The pairing of wine and cheese is undoubtedly a fundamental element of Italian food and wine culture. Together with a sommelier and an experienced cheese taster, you will find out how the aromas of wine and cheese complement, reinforce or balance each other through the right combination and thus evoke diverse and symphonic sensory experiences. No special prior knowledge is required.

Seminar topics:

  • Cheese tasting techniques
  • Which wine with which cheese?
  • Tasting: 5 types of cheese (cow cheese, sheep cheese, goat cheese, buffalo and blue cheese) and 5 wines


  • Guided walking tour in the historical center of Lucca


  • Bread, vegetables, jam and other cheese accompaniments
  • Shopping: local shops, supermarkets and internet
  • Organizing a dinner of cheese and wine
  • Tasting: 5 cheeses (raw milk cheeses, white mold cheeses, short, medium, slow maturing cheeses) and 5 wines

Tastings: 10 wines and 10 cheeses during the seminar

Duration: 7.0 hours

Price: 285.00 €

The fee includes: two seminar units of 2.5 hours each, tastings according to the program and a guided walking tour Lucca.