cioccolata e vino

Wine & Chocolate
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  • Duration 7.0

It's a long way from the Xocòlatl of the Aztecs to modern quality chocolate. But today, as then, the theobromine contained in cocoa does not fail to put the admirers of this jelly in a good mood or even a slight euphoria. So let's try to pair the "food of the gods" with the "nectar of the gods", wine. Our wine and chocolate seminar will familiarize you with the flavors of this exquisite couple.

In addition to Italian, Spanish and Portuguese wines, we will taste chocolates from different countries and regions including the Tuscan Arno Valley, known among experts as the choccolate valley thanks to the great concentration of excellent producers.

Seminar topics:

  • How is chocolate made?
  • The wonderful world of cocoa
  • Chocolate tasting techniques
  • Tasting of 5 types of chocolate and 5 wines


  • Culinary walk in Lucca


  • Chocolate-based cakes, pralines and desserts
  • Tasting: 5 chocolate products and 5 wines

Tastings: 10 wines and 10 types of chocolate

Duration: 7.0 hours

Price: 310.00 €