analisi sensoriale spezi

Sensory analysis (basic course)
Wine courses

  • accessible

  • dinner

  • Duration 10.0

During a tasting, we all notice one or the other smell or taste, but we often lack the words to describe our sensations more precisely. Why? We only recognize the scents that we have already got to know in the past and which has been stored in our aroma memory.

In order to recognize smells and aromas, we thus have to reactivate our olfactory memory and refresh our olfactory experiences. Our wine sensory seminar provides you with the tools to do this. This enables you to taste wine with the right words at hand.

Seminar topics:

  • Why can't you taste an apple? Our senses and how they work
  • Practical exercises in sensory analysis I: sweet, bitter, sour and salty
  • The color of the wine
  • Practical exercises on sensor technology II: fruits, flowers, spices
  • Tasting: 3 wines


  • Guided walking tour in the historic center of Lucca


  • The smell of wine
  • Practical exercises in sensory analysis III: wood, tobacco, leather, minerals
  • The taste of wine
  • Practical Exercises in Sensory Analysis IV: Wine Failures
  • Tasting: 3 wines
  • Dinner in a typical tuscan restaurant

Tastings: 10 wines

Duration: 10.0 hours

Price: 255.00 €

The fee includes: two seminar units of 2.5 hours each, tastings according to the program, practical exercises, a guided walking in Lucca and a final dinner.