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Tuscan wine
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  • Duration 15.0
wine tasting

In Tuscany, viticulture has profoundly influenced the country and its people. Over millennia, an impressive number of grape varieties have been raised which, combined with unique terroirs, allow the tuscan wine makers to create outstanding wines.

Our Tuscan wine course gives you a basic understanding of Tuscan wine and terroir.

Seminar topics:

  • From vineyard to cellar - Tuscan wine yesterday and today
  • Wine tasting techniques
  • Tasting: 3 white wines and a Vin Santo


  • Visit to a winery with tasting


  • The pairing of food & wine
  • The main Tuscan grape varieties
  • Tasting: three red wines and one dessert wine


  • Guided walking tour in the historical center of Lucca


  • Dinner with Tuscan food & wine

Tastings: 15 wines (8 during the seminar, 3 in the winery and 4 at dinner)

Duration: 15.0 hours

Price: 355.00 € per person

The fee includes: two seminar units of 2.5 hours each, tastings according to the program, the excursion to a winery (tasting included), a guided walking tour in Lucca and a dinner with wine.