bollicine bicchieri

Prosecco, Franciacorta & co - famous Italian sparkling wines
Wine courses


  • accessible

  • dinner

  • Duration 10.0

Everyone is talking about Prosecco. The sparkling wine made from Glera grapes is so popular that it is one of the most exported wines in Italy. But Prosecco is not the only Italian sparkling wine, because in addition to Veneto, South Tyrol, Trentin, Lombardy, Piedmont but also Emilia Romagna, Apulia and Sicily produce excellent sparkling wines.

Our seminar presents a comprehensive and differentiated selection, whereby the pairing of sparkling wine with food is in the foreground.

Sminar topics:

  • The production of sparkling wine I: the Martinotti method
  • Tasting: 4 sparkling wines


  • Guided walking tour in the historical center of Lucca


  • The production of sparkling wine II: the classical method
  • Pairing food with bubbles
  • Tasting: 4 sparkling wines
  • Dinner with sparkling wines

Tastings: 12 sparkling wines

Duration: 10.0 hours

Price: 275.00 €

The fee includes: two seminar units of 2.5 hours each, tastings according to the program, a guided walking tour Lucca and a final dinner.