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www.tuscantasting.com is the website of Tuscan Tasting - Comunicare il Gusto®,

the food & wine brand of Grifo Tour by Dr. Ulrich Kohlmann

Company headquarters: Cascina (PI).

Via di Lupo Parra, 155
I-56023 Cascina (PI)
Tel .: 39/050 760 388
Email: info@tuscantasting.it

VAT ID: IT 016 44 26 05 05




Legal notices:


General terms and conditions of the company Tuscan Tasting


1. Registration

             The contract between Tuscan Tasting and the contractual partner comes into being upon confirmation of the registration received.

2. Content and implementation of the agreed seminar / event

2.1. The content and implementation depend on the respective seminar program.

2.2. Tuscan Tasting reserves the right to adapt individual teaching contents to the needs of the lesson without the consent of the participant to a reasonable extent and not inappropriately disadvantageous to the interests of the participant. The same applies to changes in dates, a change in the classroom / location, changes in the context of the assignment of lecturers and the cancellation of seminars / events.

3. Terms of payment / notice periods / withdrawal

3.1. The seminar fee is due with the confirmation of the booked service by Tuscan Tasting and is to be paid immediately by the participant.

3.2. Registration for a seminar / trip can be revoked free of charge up to 30 days before the start. Withdrawal / revocation must be made in writing. If the withdrawal / revocation occurs later, the participant has to pay a cancellation fee for the administrative expenses incurred and for any costs in the seminar hotel as follows:

- Cancellation of the booking within 30 to 21 days before the booked date: 50% of the seminar fees / travel costs

- Cancellation of the booking within 21 to 14 days before the booked date: 75% of the seminar fees / travel costs

- If the booking is canceled later, no fees will be refunded. The seminar fees / travel expenses are to be paid in full by the participant.

          The participant is allowed to prove that there was no damage at all or that it was significantly lower than the flat rate. In the case of proof, the reimbursement amount is reduced accordingly.

3.3. If a seminar has to be canceled by Tuscan Tasting, fees already paid will be fully reimbursed, unless the participant is responsible for the cancellation. Further liability and claims for damages are excluded, unless there is intent or gross negligence on the part of Tuscan Tasting.

3.4. The participant can name a suitable substitute as participant.

4. Privacy

4.1. The participant's data will only be saved for the purposes of the contract.

5. Liability

5.1. Tuscan Tasting is not liable for damage suffered by the participant, in particular not for damage caused by accidents in the training rooms and by the loss or theft of items brought into the training rooms, in particular cloakrooms and valuables. This does not apply to damage caused by gross negligence or willful intent on the part of Tuscan Tasting. In the event of slight negligence on the part of the course instructor or in the event of any negligence on the part of another vicarious agent, Tuscan Tasting is only liable for the typically foreseeable damage.

5.2. Tuscan Tasting is not a tour operator company or travel agency. We therefore do not provide any services such as transport or accommodation. The arrival and departure of the participants to and from the event location as well as their accommodation in the hotel is not part of our services and takes place on the participant's own initiative and on their own responsibility. Technical travel information and hotel recommendations serve solely to better orient our guests in their travel planning and are to be regarded as non-binding in every respect.

6. Copyright

6.1. Seminar documents or parts of them may not be reproduced, reprinted, translated or passed on to third parties without the approval of Tuscan Tasting.

7. Written form / miscellaneous

7.1. Additions, changes or ancillary agreements to these conditions require written confirmation from Tuscan Tasting to be effective. This also applies to the lifting of the writing requirement. Declarations by the employees of Tuscan Tasting must be made in writing by the management of Tuscan Tasting in order to be effective, otherwise such declarations are irrelevant.

7.2. The ineffectiveness of any of the above conditions does not affect the effectiveness of the remaining conditions. Any ineffective provisions will be replaced by those that come closest to their economic purpose after the ineffective ones.

8. Place of jurisdiction

8.1. The parties choose the national general place of jurisdiction of the participant in Germany as the place of jurisdiction. You also choose German law.

Tuscan Tasting - Comunicare il Gusto

Via di Lupo Parra 155

I-56023 Cascina (PI)

Owner Dr. Ulrich Kohlmann