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Wine courses

Tasting wine is an experience that appeals to our mind and to all our senses. Each of us tastes something and smells somewhat, but what are the words that describe best our perceptions when we are enjoying a glass of wine? Which aromas predominate in a cheese and which wine do they go best with? Which wine to choose for friends at home or at a business lunch in a restaurant? How do you find the right wine in the supermarket or on the Internet? These and many other questions we answer in our Wine corses.

Based on your knowledge and personal experience, we will show you new sides of wine and help you gradually refine your senses. Wine enjoyment in a new way!


wine tasting

Tuscan wine

In Tuscany, viticulture has profoundly influenced the country and its people. Over millennia, an impressive number of grape varieties have been raised which, combined with unique terroirs, allow the t...


wine cellar barrique

Great Tuscan Red Wines

Tuscany produces great wines, most of which are based on the Sangiovese grape. But the soil, the microclimate and the cultivation and winemaking techniques make that Sangiovese always expres...


modern wine architecture


It was Mario Incisa della Rocchetta with his Sassicaia who brought Tuscany to the top of the world of fine wines. Followed by Piero Antinoris Tignanello and wines like Le Pergole Torte, Cepparello or ...


analisi sensoriale spezi

Sensory analysis (basic course)

During a tasting, we all notice one or the other smell or taste, but we often lack the words to describe our sensations more precisely. Why? We only recognize the scents that we have already...


bollicine bicchieri

Prosecco, Franciacorta & co - famous Italian sparkling wines

Everyone is talking about Prosecco. The sparkling wine made from Glera grapes is so popular that it is one of the most exported wines in Italy. But Prosecco is not the only Italian sparkling wine, bec...


Italian cheese

Wine & Cheese

The pairing of wine and cheese is undoubtedly a fundamental element of Italian food and wine culture. Together with a sommelier and an experienced cheese taster, you will find out how the aromas of wi...


cioccolata e vino

Wine & Chocolate

It's a long way from the Xocòlatl of the Aztecs to modern quality chocolate. But today, as then, the theobromine contained in cocoa does not fail to put the admirers of this jelly in a good...