cheese making

Italian cheese (basic course)
Cheese courses

  • accessible

  • lunch

  • Duration 12.0

Today more than 3,000 types of cheese are known and Italy is, next to France, the country with the greatest diversity. From Merano to Agrigento there is no region of the Italian boot that does not produce its own cheeses.

Only when we understand this diversity can we enjoy it to the fullest while tasting it. So which cheese goes best with which wine, how do you serve it to friends at home and how do you recognize a quality cheese when you buy it? These and other questions are dealt with in depth in our course.

Seminar topics:

  • How is cheese made?
  • Italian cheeses
  • Tasting Techniques
  • Tasting: 5 different types of cheese


  • Visit to a dairy


  • Matching cheeses: vegetables, bread, fruit and jams
  • Tasting: 5 different types of cheese
  • Lunch with cheese specialties
  • Guided walking tour Lucca

Tastings: 16 cheeses

Duration: 12.0 hours

Price: 350.00 € a persona

The fee includes: two seminar units of 2.5 hours each, the tastings according to the program, the excursion to a dairy, a culinary walk in Lucca, a lunch with cheese followed by a guided walking tour in Lucca.